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Percheron Mexican Grill is the home of the Bacon Wrapped Burrito, but there is also more, there is also commitment and a hard working family whose main goal is to give our customers food made with strictly selected products based on our regional flavors, cooked by our collaborators to the point of greatest quality and always fresh, carrying out strict hygiene standards without ceasing to strive for the best service in a safe, pleasant and familiar environment.

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Bacon Wrap Burro

Feelling hungry?  Wrap any burrito in crispy bacon strips and enjoy! This si the only place in tow you ca do that!

Sonoran Hot-dog

A classic. Bacon-wrapped frank, in a soft bun, with grilled onions and pinto beans. Topped with avocado, mushrooms, tomato and a touch of mayo.

Burro Percheron

Visit us at the Boxyard

The Boxyard is Tucson’s best restaurant, most unique wine bar and eatery, located directly on 4th Avenue, Tucson, AZ.

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What People say About us?

My burro was pretty tasty. My husband's burrito was wrapped in bacon. That was awesome.
Liz Knepp
The food is ready quickly. Great flavor on the meat and the salsas!!! Huge portions. 5 stars!!!
Olivia Valeria Vergara
Never eaten a bacon wrapped burrito!!! This place is famous for that and if you have never had one I highly recommend you try it!!! Best burrito I have ever eaten!!!
Michael Smith

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Why we are the best?

Our meat is the best quality

Is not a secret that this region of the world has the best meat you can find, would you agree? but, we know that we spent a lot of time to get the best meat producers and we found them, the best "Carne" you can find in the town is the one that you get everyday in our burros, just taste them and you will see, there is a difference!

Our bacon wrapped burro

You can say that we are the only place in town that serves this kind of deliciousness! The best meat Burrito with real avocado wrapped in Crispy Bacon and home made flour tortilla burro, this is a must-taste and this is just one thing we are famous for!

Our Service

We are proud of our story, we started with a little food truck and just some members of our family serving, and we have done great, we feel blessed that people loved our food so much that we are opening our third location, it's been a great journey full of challenges but we have always focused in providing our customers the best service, we do our best, we don't forget how we started and treat every customer like is that first customer that trusted on us and tasted our food, we are thankful for that!

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