The Meaning of “Percheron”

Everybody knows what a burrito is, right? well let’s start by that, the Mexican culture can be a little confusing sometimes especially because it’s so vast, and in every part of Mexico they have their own ways, customs, and things, an example would be these little things like calling a Big huge Burro “Percheron!”

Let me explain, let’s go back to the burrito, ok a burrito or burro is the same thing but we like to use diminutives to things that we love, like this, like burros we call them burritos because we love them, ok so, a Burro is a tortilla with meat inside and depends on o where you are (what part of Mexico) you add beans, chile, pico de gallo or whatever you want, and that’s a Burro! ok, we finish that part.

On the other hand, a Burro is a donkey ( that’s what it means, did you know that?) I don’t know why we call burro to a tortilla with all that I said before but we do, so I guess that origin would be for another blog. So Literally a Percheron horse is those big beautiful horses, the one with long hair and hairy paws and the ones that rich people own and show off on fairs and things like that, we call Burro Percheron to this kind of burros the huge, fancy, good quality meat and real avocados, and tasty, with all good ingredients, that’s why our burros are the Percherones kind of burros, for real!

Well, that was a little difficult to explain because we are like that like I told you a little confusing but we love our culture and we love our food and we are glad to share this little part of our culture with you! So, next time you stop by at any of our locations tell your server or cashier hat you already know the meaning of Percheron, she/he will be like whaaatt!? but don’t say anything and just in case it get awkward just say because your burritos are big and fancy or whatever nice comes to your mind, the idea is that we look forward you to have a good experience enjoying our food, well, thank you for reading we really hope you get all that and we will see you next time!

-Percheron Mexican Grill

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