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By Percheron Mexican Grill

The dream began in the community of south Tucson where Diego the founder made sales routes to sell burritos to established businesses, like many immigrants he started from the ground to build our business “I used to move one place to other in a bicycle” (Our founder says), due to the taste of the product and the charisma of the person it was gaining the trust of customers.

Soon Diego got a minivan where I continued with the home business. but he wanted to do something more established and in 2013 he decided to begin to rent a food truck and begin to work on a better menu and formalize the business. Service and quality of the product at the time the customer wishes it, opening in a hour of 12 hours daily.

“I used to move from one place to other in a bicycle, to sell burritos to everyone” Our founder says!

Since september 25, 2013 our founders started the dream that they put in their hearts at the address 4876 s 12th Ave. in Tucson Arizona and until today, Percheron Mexican grill continues to provide our preference of thanks to the service customers and those who gave us the opportunity to delight their palate now we have 3 locations in Tucson Arizona south of the city at 4876 s 12th Ave. at 444 w Ajo way and in downtown at 238 n 4th Ave. and let’s go for more.

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